Sapphire Filament Lamps

Our range of award winning Sapphire Filament Lamps continues to go from strength to strength, with the 2016-17 catalogue seeing the introduction of Dimmable Filament Globes and Dimmable Filament Tubes to complement the Dimmable Filament Squirrel Cage Lamps and the introduction of cool white options of our 3.5W Dimmable Filament Candles and 8W GLS Lamps.

Sapphire filament lamps offer first class conductivity and performance and our range has been carefully designed to replicate traditional filament lamps in shape, size and appearance. These lamps took the market by storm when they were first launched and won Amitex LED the Professional Electrician Magazine 'Top Product' award in 2015. Coming with a 3 year Total Product Warranty, this range of filament lamps is a market leader in quality and reliability.