Will the ballast in my existing tube fitting need to be bypassed?

If your fitting has a magnetic ballast then you simply need to replace the tube with the LED item and the LED starter supplied with it, no rewiring required.

If you have a fitting with an electronic ballast then the ballast does need to be bypassed, this ensures the fitting is only live at one end to match the LED tube. We recommend this task is undertaken by a trained electrician, instructions are available.

What is the range on the Floodlight PIR sensor?

The PIR will work up to 12 metres.

Can our G9 lamps be dimmed?

No they can't, the driver inside cannot process dimming functions.

Can our G4, MR16 & MR11 lamps be dimmed?

Yes they can, however as these all require an external power supply, to enable them to dim the power supply must be a compatible dimmable driver.

Can the LED panel lights be suspended?

Yes, using our AX305 panel suspension kit the panels can be mounted up to 1 metre from the ceiling with the 4 steel cables included.

Can the LED panel lights be dimmed?

The panels can be dimmed, in addition to the desired panel you would also need to purchase one AX300 dimmable panel driver per unit. These are suitable for panel lights up to 45w. To be effective these must be used in conjunction with a 1-10v PWM dimmer switch. View an illustration of how these should be connected.

What dimmer switch loading should be used in conjunction with Amitex LED lights?

The wattage of the load would depend on the total amount of watts on that particular circuit. Total up the number of lamps/watts and try to use a dimmer switch where the maximum rating is a little over this total figure. This will allow the full dimming capacity of the switch to be evenly distributed across all of the fittings it is supplying, otherwise if at the lower end of the load rating, some dimmers can apply their full capacity to a small quantity of fittings, reducing the dimming capability (for instance may only dim to 50% instead of 5%).

In addition to this ensure the number of fittings on the circuit exceeds the minimum load rating of the dimmer switch, otherwise this can overload the fittings causing permanent damage.

Dimmer switches will also have a maximum number of LEDs recommended to control on a circuit. Ensure that manufacturer's instructions are followed to give optimum performance.

Finally, ensure that the dimming unit is the correct type for the variation of fitting used. Some fittings are only compatible with trailing edge dimmers and some are only compatible with leading edge dimmers, whereas some are ok to use either. Our catalogue states which type of dimmers are suitable for each dimmable product. If in doubt about the type of dimmer you have, please contact the manufacturer.