Zeta 2 Tuneable White Dimmable Panel Light

There’s a growing awareness of the impact of lighting on mood and productivity. Varying the colour temperature of office lighting can significantly improve the working environment. Our new Zeta 2 Panel allows you to do just that. In addition to 90lm/watt efficiency and an IP40rating, this 40W 600 x 600 Panel lets you vary the colour temperatureanywhere between a warm white 3000K and a cool white 5000K. This is achieved using an optional remote control or wall controller, which also provide smooth dimming down to 10%, using either a trailing or leading edge dimmer switch. Alternatively the colour temperature can be controlled in steps by the use of a wall switch. High quality multi-layer construction and a flicker-free driver mean light is evenly distributed and comfortable on the eye.  The product is now backed by a 5-year warranty - all this for the same price as Zeta 1!